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Money is a funny thing. It's not that exciting, and often things get out of control, neglected or simply parked and ignored - because it's not that interesting. But what is interesting is life, and family, friends and doing the things you love.


However - in my experience, if your finances are compromised, the rest of your life is compromised. Sometimes you need to stop and look at what you have and where you are going.


A tweak here and there, consolidation of debt or the organisation of your finances makes a real difference. You get one area of life sorted - it has a flow on effect to the rest of your life.


So if you would like a fresh look at your money situation - if you want to review your mortgage, get a mortgage or pay a mortgage off quick smart - lets talk. If you are mystified about insurance and would like the jargon edited out, lets talk. A conversation will cost you nothing, it may even spark an idea or a fresh perspective.


If you are out of Auckland, I'm happy to talk or skype - and we can make a plan - and who doesn't love it when a plan comes together?


(Registered Financial Adviser, full disclosure document available upon request)





"We are stoked to have our first home, thank you for helping us through the minefield of kiwisaver and first buyers nerves!"



“Jen, you help was amazing- thanks very much.”



“I love the organisation you have brought to my finances - for the first time we have actually saved money”


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