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What do I need to get a mortgage?

It's not too daunting - I'll need some bank statements, your payslips (or financials if you are self employed), evidence of your deposit (we can chat about this) some ID (passport or drivers licence) and a form I send you completed - easy!


Why would I move to another bank/lender?

You would only move if there was an advantage - more lending, a cash contribution (we can't argue about free money), better rates, a fresh start/focus.


Which lenders do you use?

Most of them - ususally 'first tier lenders' (standard banks) sometimes for a tricky loan (over 80% LVR),  there are other options - if you have a preference I will head there, if not, I'll find you the best deal possible.


What will it cost me?

For a mortgage? Nothing. For insurance? Nothing.


Insurance, it's so expensive, how can you help?

Insurance is one of the few things you pay for and hope you'll never use, but, like a lot of things in life it is about balance - too much and it compromises your other financial goals, too little and you are risking losing what you have. My intention is to cover you adequately and ensure you are in a postion to have your claim paid - it never hurts to look over your current cover with fresh eyes.


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